Procedures to withdraw non-accompanied baggage,arrived and detained cargo, and to ship outgoing cargo.

Unaccompanied baggage

Unaccompanied baggage is that which does not travel with its owner. In these cases, the passenger must go to the DNA (National Customs Bureau, whose offices are located next to TCU) with the following documentation:


Once customs performs the necessary checks, the passenger must go to the TCU Customer Service window to make the corresponding payment, after which (with prior approval by customs) the cargo will be ready to be picked up from the terminal.


Withdrawal of arrived and detained shipments (items purchased over internet, courier shipments)

When shipments arrive at the TCU terminal and are retained by the National Customs Bureau, the recipient is notified by the courier. In general, this occurs with items purchased over internet as well as samples and other courier shipments. In these cases, the following procedures apply:

  1. The recipient of the shipment (individual or company) must go to the front desk at the DNA National Customs Bureau (tel. (+598) 2604 0351 or 2604 0258). Offices are located next to the TCU terminal (after the ANCAP station, second entrance on the right).
  2. To withdraw the item, the shipment must be verified by customs. After the necessary documentation is presented to the customs front desk, the withdrawal procedure begins. Depending on the quantity of cargo pending verification, this procedure takes between 20 minutes and 2 hours. The Customs Bureau’s customer service hours can be obtained by calling the aforementioned telephone numbers.
  3. Documentation demanded by Customs:

    ▪ Bill of lading (provided by courier or airline)
    ▪ Identification card or passport.


    For shipments that by their characteristics or amounts exceed the duties established by customs, the services of a customs broker can be retained. Duties to be paid are established in terms of merchandise value following Customs verification (please consult Customs for more information). The services of any of the brokers registered with Customs may be used (consult the list at ADAU or the Customs Broker Guide).

  4. Following Customs verification, the recipient must go to the TCU Customer Service area for shipment withdrawal. Storage costs depend on the length of stay, weight and value of the shipment (a cost estimate calculator is available in the Fees section).
  5. Storage services may be paid to TCU in cash or check (in Uruguayan pesos or US dollars). Payments may also be made by automatic debit. Please contact the TCU accounting department at (+598) 2604 0015 ext. 1686 – 1689 for more information.
  6. TCU customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Outside of these hours, a request may be made for delivery as long as corresponding authorizations have been made (additional costs may apply). TCU recommends starting the procedure at least 1 hour before closing to allow for authorization times.

Outbound cargo

Individuals seeking to send samples or exhibits or any other type of shipment abroad should utilize specialized operators (cargo agents, couriers, airlines, etc.) who will duly inform the customer regarding the applicable procedures.