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Carrasco International Airport is the country’s main air terminal. Since the end of 2003, Carrasco International has been operated by Puerta del Sur S.A., an international group that administers more than 40 airports throughout South America and Europe.

Hitos principales:

  • March 2004: through Puerta del Sur S.A., TCU S.A. took possession of the Cargo Terminal and started refurbishment of the existing building infrastructure to meet the needs of the sector and to improve customer service.
  • November 2008: the new Export Terminal was opened, enabling 100% of export cargo to be handled at a cutting-edge terminal. Features include the capacity to receive 11 trucks simultaneously, of which 2 can be unloaded directly into cold storage to ensure cold storage chains for perishable products.
  • September 2009: the new Import Terminal was opened to enable the airport to handle 100% of foreign trade by air using the latest warehouses, thus completing the first phase of infrastructure development for the Cargo Terminal. Total investment exceeded USD 15 million.
  • December 2009: with a USD 165 million investment, Puerta del Sur S.A. opened the new Passenger Terminal in 2009. The objective is to transform Carrasco International into the main entry point to the region, the center for passenger and cargo traffic and airplane movement par excellence in Latin America, a leader in customer service and a model for airport security, efficiency and profitability.
  • February 2010: first pilot tests begin with clients that use the Free Airport as a Regional Distribution Center.

Cargo Terminal

Carrasco International Airport features one of South America’s most modern cargo terminals and serves as a regional distribution center located near Latin America’s largest markets. The Cargo Terminal offers safe, efficient and flexible solutions under the region’s only Free Airport system.


The terminal meets the highest international security standards. Committed to these standards, as well as new and demanding aeronautical requirements, TCU provides excellent levels of security in the handling of merchandise in the terminal.

Management Efficiency

  • Simplification of operational and administrative processes.
  • Linear, agile and simple flow of merchandise.
  • Numerous loading docks (import and export).
  • Computerized cargo dispatch information.
  • New self-help services (coming soon).


  • Modular stage-based construction.
  • Expansion capability to enable growth exceeding 300% of original surface area.
caracteristicas de la nueva terminal de cargas

Passenger terminal

The new state-of-the-art passenger terminal is a milestone for Uruguay in terms of investment, architecture, quality of service and technological innovation.
It is a symbol that enhances the gateway to Uruguay. The terminal has over 45,000 m2 of surface area with eight gates and four jetways. With two levels for Arrivals and Departures and parking for more than 1,200 automobiles, the new passenger terminal showcases the latest technological advancements, making it the most modern terminal in South America.


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  • Aeropuerto Uruguay

    Free Airport advantages

    Under Uruguayan law, companies and merchandise operating at South America’s first and only Free Airport enjoy numerous tax advantages.
    These advantages lead to optimal logistics costs

  • Servicios inteligentes integrales

    Value Added Logistics

    South America’s first and only Free Airport offers intelligent services which our unique legal standing allows us to perform without much of the usual paperwork to hold up operations. Integral services related to merchandise are also performed.

  • Servicios inteligentes integrales

    New web user policy

    In light of our policy of continuously employing new technologies to serve our customers, we are developing new web applications that offer greater interactivity and simplify processes.

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