On 6 February 2003, Puerta del Sur S.A. and the Uruguayan government, through the Ministry of Defense, signed a “Comprehensive Management System” contract for the development of Carrasco International Airport. Through this agreement, the commercial development, administration, construction, operation and maintenance of the airport was entrusted to Puerta del Sur S.A.


The contract authorized Puerta del Sur S.A. to grant concessions for the development of commercial activities and use of properties, including the Cargo Terminal, whose operation was granted to TCU S.A. (Terminal de Cargas Uruguay).


With state of the art infrastructure and the ability to perform value added services for merchandise, Carrasco International Airport is a regional distribution center with unique characteristics.


TCU is the entry and departure point for 100% of Uruguay’s foreign commerce via air. TCU stores and ensures custody of merchandise while performing import, export and/or transit services.


TCU’s main objective is to position Carrasco International Airport as a Regional Distribution Center for merchandise. To achieve this goal, TCU provides a range of services to optimize supply chain management and costs, basing its development in modern infrastructure, technology, integral logistics solutions and the new legal framework regulating Carrasco International Airport.

Our value proposition

TCU helps optimize the supply chain for domestic and international companies, offering maximum guarantees and applying sophisticated procedures for the safety and control of cargo.

TCU seeks to build effective commercial relationships by serving as a strategic and reliable partner in the rendering of value added services.
In an effort to provide superior quality logistics solutions, TCU performs a systematic search of the best available practices based on the following factors:


As terminal operator, TCU provides services to airlines, customs brokers, couriers, freight forwarders, importers, exporters and other companies involved in foreign trade. TCU also receives and stores shipments of individual clients and performs corresponding customs procedures (non-accompanied baggage, courier shipments, etc.)

Our 4 operational pillars:

  • Efficiency: responsiveness in cargo processing through operational optimization and a professional staff.
  • Security: high level of protection through strict security and surveillance measures.
  • Infrastructure: special facilities for merchandise handling and storage for all cargo types. The latest equipment for material movements.
  • Modular design based on stages: flexible construction system enables to meet rising business volume with an infrastructure that can be rapidly modified to meet client needs.


TCU – Bonded Warehouse Operations
Import, export and courier warehousing.  Entry and departure point for 100% of Uruguay’s foreign commerce via air.

TCU Hub Free Airport

TCU Hub helps you OPTIMIZE logistics costs through a preferential system that offers logistical and tax advantages for companies that place merchandise at the Distribution Center operated by TCU. Two services are offered in this area: PITstop and SMARThub.

Mission and Vission


Operating, maintaining and developing the Carrasco International Airport Cargo Terminal, facilitating Uruguay’s logistics development. Ensuring safe and efficient management in order to meet the needs of exporters, importers and the logistics community in general. TCU holds essential the training and involvement of its staff, the design of reliable processes, the development of adequate infrastructure and compliance with regulations.


Being a logistics provider of value added services known for its reliability, safety, and innovation in developing solutions for the global supply chain. We undertake to strengthen Uruguay’s positioning as Regional Distribution Center and Safe Country. We will contribute to make Carrasco International Airport a source of pride for Uruguayans, providing the country with the highest standard of infrastructure.

Quality and Security Policy

Quality and Security Policy

  • TCU is committed to the quality and security in the services in accordance with the following principles:
  • Satisfying the expectations of our customers by providing reliable services that merge:

  •        - Security, ensuring the integrity of cargo in our custody.
           - Efficiency, achieving adequate process times.
           - Innovation and Continuous Improvement.
  • Implementing active policies that minimize the risk of incidents that could compromise the safety of persons.
  • Providing our team with the training necessary for the development of their activities for the job, raising awareness about the importance of their actions on issues of security and preservation of cargo.
  • Promoting honesty, commitment, involvement and a sense of belonging to the company as core values.
  • Ensuring that critical supplies and services are acquired from reliable suppliers, and delivered in a timely manner.
  • Promoting commitment and cooperation with national and international agencies, particularly in issues related to Security.
  • Being committed to society and the environment
  • Ensuring shareholders satisfaction by promoting and developing new business and managing assets effectively and efficiently, in compliance with the applicable regulatory framework.

  • Management considers this policy an integral part of its management, and is responsible for its dissemination, understanding and compliance


Uruguay is strategically located to supply South America’s largest markets. Through Uruguay 140 million consumers (75% of Mercosur’s GDP) are reachable by airplane in just 2 hours.

Uruguay, a regional distribution center

Carrasco International is located just outside Montevideo, the capital and commercial and financial hub of Uruguay.


Map of Port of Montevideo and Carrasco International Airport


Mapa del Aeropuerto Uruguay, pistas, nueva terminal de pasajeros, nueva terminal de cargas, parque logistico

Airport in Google Maps:

Enlarge map


Uruguay, a strategic regional distribution center

Uruguay is a politically stable country that has grown to become a LOGISTICS COUNTRY thanks to its privileged geographic location at the center of Mercosur’s largest markets and the sustained development of government policies committed to the logistics industry.


As a result, merchandise can be moved to cities encompassing 75% of Mercosur’s GDP and a population of 140 million within just 2 hours by airplane.

Datos Uruguay superficie, población, densidad,  PBI, PBI per cápita, alfabetización, telefonía digital, Pentración Internet, Población con agua potable, Tasa de electrificación

Uruguay’s history of political, social and economic stability, as well as its guarantees of physical and legal security, provides transparency for foreign investors and the free flow of capital and dividends. As a result, investors are afforded optimal conditions to place assets.


  • Political and economic stability
  • Physical and legal security
  • Privileged geographic location
  • Highly qualified human resources
  • Excellent infrastructure
    • Telecommunications
    • Transport system
    • Energy
  • Service logistics: a State policy
  • Major domestic and foreign investments in port, airport and service infrastructure
  • Highly competitive logistics costs
  • Safe and secure operations
  • Easy and rapid access to major markets
  • Streamlined customs services and legislation favorable to logistics services
  • Aeropuerto Uruguay

    Free Airport advantages

    Under Uruguayan law, companies and merchandise operating at South America’s first and only Free Airport enjoy numerous tax advantages.
    These advantages lead to optimal logistics costs

  • Servicios inteligentes integrales

    Value Added Logistics

    South America’s first and only Free Airport offers intelligent services which our unique legal standing allows us to perform without much of the usual paperwork to hold up operations. Integral services related to merchandise are also performed.

  • Servicios inteligentes integrales

    New web user policy

    In light of our policy of continuously employing new technologies to serve our customers, we are developing new web applications that offer greater interactivity and simplify processes.

Terminal de Cargas Uruguay S.A., Aeropuerto Internacional de Carrasco.

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